GPS soft wayfinder for my nokia 6280

I was looking for a GPS application running on my nokia 6280 to find my in Paris and suburb on my “scooter” .

After some comparisons i’ve chosen a Holux GPS Slim 240 and the Wayfinder software. i was in fact the only soft i could find for the nokia 6280.

The external GPS receiver is connected via bluetooth to my phone . It receives the satellite signal and calculate the position and send it to the wayfinder software. This receiver is very small and light. It can run during 7 hours before to be “recharged ” (?)


The calculation time when you put the power is to be 42s. In fact it can be true if the horizon is clear. But in Paris in a small narrow street you might wait from 2 to 8 minutes before you get your real position. If you are moving this time get’s shorter as the device can “see” more satellites.

Once the device has a position the recalculation is every 0.1 seconds. As it is my fort GPS as was really surprised by the rapidity it calculates the new position and the phone give me the precise indication. And you have to consider that the french street are very small and the direction has to be precise as in 100 meter you might get 5 street crossing your way.

The third way out at a roundabout is announced very precisely (as much as you are driving at a correct speed which today is not far from a energetic cyclist) .

The devices has a SIRF III chipset the most precise and quick in GPS receiver.

All theses performances are quite surprising considering that the receiver is on my key-holder under the direction.
It hasn’t a very clear view on the sky.

The Wayfinder software :

I bought it 90 euros and downloaded it on the wayfinder website. Th product is surprising because it use very much the network to run. As the phone might not be powerful enough it ask the central server the best route and download the local map when it needs it.
because of this i did get an overcharge on my data pack which is 3 hours internet included surfing on the operator portal (French vodafone SFR). 1 hour extra surfing is approximately 1 euro. Strange but they charge 3g or GPRS connection on a time basins and not on a transfer basis. As i might stay connected longtime when moving but not necessarily downloading a lot of data this is a anticommecial way to charge data transfer. I did ask thehelp line but they could not propose me any other data pack on the top of my 3 hours web navigation included in my 3 hours call time (45 euros/month with an extra 5 number (landline or SFR) unlimited 8am-6pm mon-fri).

Modification 04/07 25th

For a precise meeting i was abble to find the connection time used by the software.

a meeting 40km away from my home. the travel took between 1hour and 40mn (i went there few times)
connection time -> time on my data pack

1st run
15 s           -> 1mn …
38 s           -> 1mn ..
34 s           -> 1mn ..
1mn 40s     -> 1mn 40s

going back
1mn 57s     -> 1mn 57s

2° run
1mn 05s     -> 1mn 05s

The first time i went lost (the data map were wrong !!) so the software necessited the recalculate the route. that is why there are difference between the different travels.

This way to run is quite intelligent from this Swedish company a country where Internet is everywhere.

Speed camera (not the moving ones) are announced by not always and i can find why up to now.

I use wayfinder for my appointments in Paris and suburb on my scooter. Yes on a motorcycle is quite tiring to find a place you don’t know. Stopping to look at the map can be quite dangerous. in winter you need to take out your glove and freeze quickly. I print my itinerary from but the paper is always trying to fly away.

With the GPS it put one of the earphone under my helmet and follow the vocal indications. I out the phone i my pocket as i did not bought already a “support” translation pls) and i am afraid that the “support”might disappear quite quickly and i might get “phonejacked” at a traffic light.

I am quite happy with this installation as the new mayor of Paris is trying to disgust people from using their personal car and is creating new one way street every week in Paris. I get smoothly to my meetings.

The soft has 4 different mode that are described on the website in a flash animation but I did make some screenshots :

  1. Map from above ( 2D)
  2. Driving indication
  3. Intermediary mode with the map and direction sign on the top
  4. A “rehearsal” mode that is telling me all the itinerary

For the Paris area you need to go often int the settings for activation or deactivating the highway authorisation as Paris is surrounded by a circular way considered as an highway, but the best way is not always via this circular but more often along the seine river which has a fast way called river bank and take you in minutes right in the hearts of Paris.
Also in Paris on a motorcycle it is some time faster to go trough large avenue or the river bank than to take the straightest way which is the one the soft do chose more often.

Main Menu with 7 option :

Mirror : looking for a point
Houses: Itinerary
Globe : Show my position on the map
Pinpoint : Find the nearest whatever (gas station, train station, etc)
Star : bookmarks
Keys : settings
Satellite : link to the wayfinder website. Can give you the weather from where you are
Settings :
To activate or de activate highway. You also find a pedestrian option (not tested). CIMG3339

Conclusion :
A good product for an occasional need for GPS. It cost me 180 euros all-together and the first prices are now 140 euros but i would not be able to use them on motorcycle.

Google : GPS, nokia 6280, Paris on a motorcycle, vocal, GPS for mobile phone.



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5 responses to “GPS soft wayfinder for my nokia 6280

  1. reman71janos

    nokia 6280 gps

  2. Patrick


    I also have a Nokia 6280, using a Nokia bluetooth GPS receiver.
    I have installed the first bit of the software, after that I get an activation code and have to connect to the internet again to complete installation. However, I always get ‘subscribe to packet data first’. I checked with my provider (Mobistar in Belgium) and they say my settings are correct.
    Been trying for weeks now, but no success.


  3. Hello,

    well, i am not sure to be the right man. my differents idéeas are :
    – Did you try reseting the phone ?
    – Did you check if you need an update of hardware ? (nokia pc suite tells it if you need it)
    – do you have internet access to any web page like on your mobile browser ?
    – did you try deleting internet all internet settings on the phone and ask belgacom to send them back ?
    – did you try the nokia developper forum ? leave a message a specialist might have an idea.

    let me know if this helps

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Chevre!!!

  5. Viggo

    Looking for someone with the same problem as myself and found your page. Nice to see that Wayfinder works on the 6280, but I keep getting OutOfMemoryError every time I start the program. Do you have any suggestions? Should not 6mByte of RAM be enough you think?
    If you could be bothered, I’ll appreciate some help.

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