Web 2.0 : 4 minutes crush course to explain the whole thing.

Brilliant movie on web 2.0

I found this is brilliant . because it goes fast, the reflexion in itself is both very simple and touch your brain like an evidence. which I think is a good sign for a brilliant thought.

Found via French blog http://pisani.blog.lemonde.fr/

made by Michael Wesh anthropology teacher in a Kansas university the most seen video in the blog world (850 000 viewers !)
And now everybody wants to guess what is web 3.0. going to look like.

I’ve read 2 interesting proposals :

– Contents are no more stored in company server but at home, by anybody.
Vista Home server is a sign in this direction. FTTH (Fiber To The Home ) is another sign in this direction.
Some People in France are tying to put this subject in the French presidential election, but politics stay very quiet on this subject.

Nevertheless The 3 biggest competitors for Internet access have made move in this direction.
France Telecom now Orange announced a FTTH offer starting a 42 E/month
Free announced the same for 30 E/month I think and bought the biggest FTTH company in paris Citefibre
Neuf Cegetel bought the second biggest FTTH company in Paris erenis

– The second idea is the even more influence of wiki in the work and everything getting wikiable. Everybody could come and add his comment /idea.

The 2 idea have pro and cons but the reflexion is interesting. Is the wiki collaborative method a proof of improvement, and is data at home not incompatible with RIA RDA (remote desktop application)
Let’s think about it.


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Chat on your phone via bluetooth for free.

The idea came discussing with a friend. We thought it could be good fun to chat with people on our mobile without being charged for a SMS  each message especially when you are chatting with people not far away.

So we worked on it and proposed blaatch to chat via bluetooth.
This software allows free chat.
It is on free download here  : www.blaatch.com.
The translation is not complete yet. so you might learn some french.

You can download it on your PC and transfert it to your phone or directly surf on http://www.blaatch.com/download/ with your phone. You Clic on blaatch.jar and it gets installed automatically. You will get an error message if it’s not compatible.


This work for mobiles devices running symbian and especially NOKIA.

Chat on your phone via bluetooth

What do you think of it ?

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My Zlio Shop

Zlio began operating in the beginning 2006. This service is continuously in evolution.

I like this concept because it is not a small widget or gadget it is a real way for doing business. The Business model is a real one. It sells reals goods and it really sells it.

No advertising, adword or search marketing but a plain old shop.
I have read somewhere there were 20 000 Zlioshops opened.

on my french blog i put it on the sidebut it would be a bit useless Here so I put it inside this post only so you can see it.

<< Screenshot>>

Zlio is a combination of different services :

– Classical affiliation as if I was partner for Amazon , with reward on each product sold.
But here my recommandation are combined with a price comparator that will drive my customer to the lowest price.

With ZLIO I become affiliated with tenth of shops with a singlezlio account. Zlio is charge of negociating new partnership. Each day I can add new product like travels or french foie gras well not yet 😦

Unfortunately it’s not possible to put your own product (those on ebay for example) and I cannot put product from small e-shops.

You can aslo have a Zlio toolbars qui brings a small floatting window. I can find a product directly or generate a affliliating link to send to my friends.

Operating :

Very well conceived with quite alot of AJAX to make the browsing soft and easy.

Opening an account is easy and fast (no mail validation, no long form with test everywhere) I can add any product I could think of. The list of sellers is so long that you can find everything you want from books to DIY equipment or travels.


The zlioshop is very simple no compulsory form to fill or long description.

A search tool allow to find if the name you’ve choosen is already taken or not.


The dashboard is verynice also with a synthetic view of the main data : nb of visitors, Turnover, nb of product, last popular product and a view of my rewarding system.


The rewarding mode is going to change and very soon it might be possible to be rewarder for each click like in googke ads.


The “promotion section” is the most interesting. I can get the HTML code to past on my blog. It ‘s called the “Zliozone“.


I can edit the zliozone for the size or the color with a nice AJAX interface. it’s still bugged but nothing important.




Conclusion :

Zlio make it easy for everybody to became an affiliator for the product they use.We were consumer and after we went consum-acting with an intervention on the product definition and conception. Now we get official salesmen for all these products.

Private sales and physical sales tend to change marketing rules. How could this generalised affilation  influence marketers and producers.?

Do we all want to be zlioshopper ? The installation need a little time to invest. Does everybody wants to do it?

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GPS soft wayfinder for my nokia 6280

I was looking for a GPS application running on my nokia 6280 to find my in Paris and suburb on my “scooter” .

After some comparisons i’ve chosen a Holux GPS Slim 240 and the Wayfinder software. i was in fact the only soft i could find for the nokia 6280.

The external GPS receiver is connected via bluetooth to my phone . It receives the satellite signal and calculate the position and send it to the wayfinder software. This receiver is very small and light. It can run during 7 hours before to be “recharged ” (?)


The calculation time when you put the power is to be 42s. In fact it can be true if the horizon is clear. But in Paris in a small narrow street you might wait from 2 to 8 minutes before you get your real position. If you are moving this time get’s shorter as the device can “see” more satellites.

Once the device has a position the recalculation is every 0.1 seconds. As it is my fort GPS as was really surprised by the rapidity it calculates the new position and the phone give me the precise indication. And you have to consider that the french street are very small and the direction has to be precise as in 100 meter you might get 5 street crossing your way.

The third way out at a roundabout is announced very precisely (as much as you are driving at a correct speed which today is not far from a energetic cyclist) .

The devices has a SIRF III chipset the most precise and quick in GPS receiver.

All theses performances are quite surprising considering that the receiver is on my key-holder under the direction.
It hasn’t a very clear view on the sky.

The Wayfinder software :

I bought it 90 euros and downloaded it on the wayfinder website. Th product is surprising because it use very much the network to run. As the phone might not be powerful enough it ask the central server the best route and download the local map when it needs it.
because of this i did get an overcharge on my data pack which is 3 hours internet included surfing on the operator portal (French vodafone SFR). 1 hour extra surfing is approximately 1 euro. Strange but they charge 3g or GPRS connection on a time basins and not on a transfer basis. As i might stay connected longtime when moving but not necessarily downloading a lot of data this is a anticommecial way to charge data transfer. I did ask thehelp line but they could not propose me any other data pack on the top of my 3 hours web navigation included in my 3 hours call time (45 euros/month with an extra 5 number (landline or SFR) unlimited 8am-6pm mon-fri).

Modification 04/07 25th

For a precise meeting i was abble to find the connection time used by the software.

a meeting 40km away from my home. the travel took between 1hour and 40mn (i went there few times)
connection time -> time on my data pack

1st run
15 s           -> 1mn …
38 s           -> 1mn ..
34 s           -> 1mn ..
1mn 40s     -> 1mn 40s

going back
1mn 57s     -> 1mn 57s

2° run
1mn 05s     -> 1mn 05s

The first time i went lost (the data map were wrong !!) so the software necessited the recalculate the route. that is why there are difference between the different travels.

This way to run is quite intelligent from this Swedish company a country where Internet is everywhere.

Speed camera (not the moving ones) are announced by not always and i can find why up to now.

I use wayfinder for my appointments in Paris and suburb on my scooter. Yes on a motorcycle is quite tiring to find a place you don’t know. Stopping to look at the map can be quite dangerous. in winter you need to take out your glove and freeze quickly. I print my itinerary from mappy.com but the paper is always trying to fly away.

With the GPS it put one of the earphone under my helmet and follow the vocal indications. I out the phone i my pocket as i did not bought already a “support” translation pls) and i am afraid that the “support”might disappear quite quickly and i might get “phonejacked” at a traffic light.

I am quite happy with this installation as the new mayor of Paris is trying to disgust people from using their personal car and is creating new one way street every week in Paris. I get smoothly to my meetings.

The soft has 4 different mode that are described on the website in a flash animation but I did make some screenshots :

  1. Map from above ( 2D)
  2. Driving indication
  3. Intermediary mode with the map and direction sign on the top
  4. A “rehearsal” mode that is telling me all the itinerary

For the Paris area you need to go often int the settings for activation or deactivating the highway authorisation as Paris is surrounded by a circular way considered as an highway, but the best way is not always via this circular but more often along the seine river which has a fast way called river bank and take you in minutes right in the hearts of Paris.
Also in Paris on a motorcycle it is some time faster to go trough large avenue or the river bank than to take the straightest way which is the one the soft do chose more often.

Main Menu with 7 option :

Mirror : looking for a point
Houses: Itinerary
Globe : Show my position on the map
Pinpoint : Find the nearest whatever (gas station, train station, etc)
Star : bookmarks
Keys : settings
Satellite : link to the wayfinder website. Can give you the weather from where you are
Settings :
To activate or de activate highway. You also find a pedestrian option (not tested). CIMG3339

Conclusion :
A good product for an occasional need for GPS. It cost me 180 euros all-together and the first prices are now 140 euros but i would not be able to use them on motorcycle.

Google : GPS, nokia 6280, Paris on a motorcycle, vocal, GPS for mobile phone.


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TV ADSL popularity live

The subscribers of FREE ADSL triple player can now get an original service from the website and from their TV :
The live score of the channel popularity for the 12 first.  http://audience.free.fr/  :


Real result cannot easily be accessed as they tend to be strategical
data but here you can see very precisely what people are watching at a
precise time. Moreover it is possible to get minute by minute live score ! from this page if the site http://audience.Free.fr/ just click on the channel name !

Then you can see if people are zapping advertising for other channels (unless they leave the living room with the tv on)


Does this tool influence viewers in their choice ? Will viewers get influenced by other people choices ?
I have to say that is what sometime happend to me

Est que cet outil permettra de faire émerger de nouveaux canaux ?
ou plutôt d’augmenter la popularité de programmes inconnus des gens ?

yes if this system showed more than the 12 first position beacause in
order to be listed in the first 12 you need to get at least 3% of "audience"( translation ?) .
first of the list is france 2 most of the time with 10 to 20%, the
follower immediatly goes to 5% as the other aeriel channel like TF1 and
m6  refused to be "must carried" by FREE


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